FREE APPRAISAL* with a new home purchase or refinance

Home values are rising. Do you know the current value of your home?

It’s important to know the true value of your home before you choose your new home or refinance your current home.

Let LincolnWay Community Bank help you determine the value of your home so you can chart your next steps.

Get a free appraisal of your current home with a new home purchase or refinance.

Your free appraisal is just a phone call away. Call 815-462-4369

*Borrower will receive a lender credit at the time of closing for appraisal fee on primary residence only, up to a maximum of $600. Credit does not apply if the loan does not close, is denied, or if borrower withdraws application. Consumers should consult a tax advisor for information regarding tax deductibility of interest and charges. NMLS # 281388

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