Cash Management

Get tools to enhance your business’ cash flow, improve accounts payable and efficiently automate payments and profits. In addition to saving time and money, well-planned cash management processes can reduce risk and enhance your business’ competitiveness. LincolnWay Community Bank can customize a cash management program for any business.

Online Cash Management 

Manage your cash flow without ever leaving your office or visiting the bank. LincolnWay Community Bank can help you determine which online solution is best for you…from basic online banking to sophisticated cash management services.

Wire Transfers 

Send funds fast and securely across the street or across the country. Wire Transfers are a quick, convenient way to send funds from your LincolnWay Community Bank account to individuals, businesses or financial institutions across the globe.

Remote Deposits 

Reduce costs by eliminating deposit trips to the bank. Get quick turnaround for the availability of funds by scanning and transmitting deposits safely and securely.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Transactions

Securely send electronic payments to your employees and vendors. Save time and the cost of printing and distributing checks while eliminating the potential for fraud or delays associated with mailing payments. Through ACH Transactions, you can also expedite your collections and build stronger cash flow by collecting receivables from your customers.

ACH Plus

Thanks to ACH Plus, you will receive instant alerts of any ACH activity related to your accounts. Get secured email notifications when specific ACH debits and/or credits are presented through your LincolnWay Community Bank accounts.

Combined Account Analysis 

LincolnWay Community Bank customers with multiple deposit accounts can combine their account balances to help offset their account service fees.

Fraudulent Check Detection (Positive Pay) 

Thanks to daily reconciliation of your company’s issued checks with checks presented for payment, LincolnWay Community Bank is better able to prevent fraudulent checks from posting to your accounts.

Zero Balance Account with Internal Sweep 

Get added control and enhanced cash management for businesses with multiple accounts. Each location makes deposits into its account, then funds are automatically swept into the main, corporate account.

Additional Cash Management Products & Services

  • Account Alerts
  • Tax Payments
  • Night Depository
  • Account Analysis
  • Merchant Card Processing Services
  • Business Debit Card